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Piercing Protocol

Please read before emailing elizabeth:

Body Piercing Policy


As per NYS law persons 18 years of age or older may consent to body piercing (any part of the anatomy not including the ears).   A parent or court appointed legal guardian may consent for a minor child and must complete a NYS Department of Health consent.


 As of 6/2020 piercing anatomy located beneath the face mask is prohibited due to the potential transmission of Covid-19.


Studio policy:  Requires each client to have photo identification & proof of age, and complete a Release /Consent form.

This is also required in the case of a minor child & their parent or guardian.  The minimum age for a minor to receive a body piercing is 16 in our studio.  Minors will not have nipple, genital, tongue, or surface anchor piercings done here. 




 Ear Piercing Policy


There are no NYS laws regarding ear piercing.


Studio Policy:  Anyone 16 years of age or older may consent to ear piercing.  Photo identification & proof of age are required as well as completing a Release/Consent form.  This is also required in the case of a child younger than 16 & their parent or legal guardian. 


We do not pierce babies or children who are not able to verbalize wanting an ear piercing.  We do not restrain or convince children to comply.  The child must verbalize wanting an ear piercing & cooperate during the procedure.  There is a $20 reprocessing fee charged if the sterile needles, jewelry, or equipment is opened during the appointment & the child changes their mind/refuses the piercing. 



 General Policies during the Covid-19 Pandemic 


We are operating by appointment only.  Please call the studio to make an appointment 585-424-1430.


Upon arrival to the parking lot, please call the studio to let us know you are here & answer some Covid-19 screening questions. Your temperature will be checked at the door & hand sanitizer provided. 


All clients must wear face masks while in the studio.


Due to reduced occupancy of 50% & social distancing guidelines, clients must come to their appointment alone.  Minors who require a parent present will be asked to make an appointment on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.


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